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Slicing Tomato- Cherokee Purple (Heirloom)

(One of the top varieties on our list for superior flavor.) Medium-large, flattened globe, 8-12 oz. fruits. Color is...

Heirloom Plum Tomatoes

Sweet and meaty, perfect for making sauce. The variety we raise is "Amish Paste", a large oxheart heirloom.

Slicing Tomato - Great White (Heirloom)

THIS one is THE best!! Large creamywhite fruit, this tomato is superbly wonderful. The flesh is so good and...

Sweet Winter Carrots

These sweet, crispy carrots are planted mid-summer to be harvested through the winter. The cold temperatures makes...


These crispy, eye-catching bright red lobes are planted in the fall to be harvested through the winter. The cold...

Lettuce Mix

A stunning mix of different colors, shapes and textures.


Dark green sweet, tasty leaves. If you don't eat spinach because it's too bitter you need the buy some of our...

Pac Choi - Asian Cabbage

Mini green-stem Pac Choi. Flat, pale, misty green stems form a thick, heavy base with broad, oval, rich green leaves.

Salad Turnip

This white salad turnip sets the standard for flavor. Eaten raw the flavor is sweet and fruity, and the texture is...

SSF Tomato Juice

available in 1qt and 2qt mason jars. (please return jars)

SSF Frozen Sweet Corn

Blanched, cut from the cob, packed, frozen. Just empty into kettle, add a little salt and warm. (No additional water...

SSF Frozen Green Beans

blanched, chopped, packed, frozen. Just empty bag into kettle. Add a little water and salt and cook till soft....

Homemade Ketchup

Our homemade Ketchup 1 pint mason jars.

Sweet, juicy Cantaloupe

We grow several different varieties, Aphrodite being our #1.

Sweet, juicy, seeded Watermelons

Elbow-dripping, cold, juicy watermelon. Favorite treat for the hot summer afternoon. And seeded melons don't give...

Green Beans

There is nothing like a fresh crisp green bean! These are sure to please!

Red Beets

These are round, smooth, deep red roots that are sweet and tender.

Bread and Butter Sweet Corn

Our Butter and Sugar Sweet Corn draws customers from afar. The taste cannot be beat!

Silver Queen Sweet Corn

Silver Queen has been a favorite for many years. Snow white kernels with more crunch and not so terribly sweet like...

Shell Peas

Sweet, melt in your mouth peas for fresh eating or for the freezer. Sold in shell.

Red Potatoes

These round to oblong tubers have white flesh, store well, and are excellent for roasting and boiling.

Yellow Potatoes

These attractive yellow tubers have excellent buttery flavor, making them ideal for boiling and mashing. They also...

White Potatoes

These Kennebec tubers have dry white flesh, great for baking, french-frying, mashing, or chipping. Or you can...

Delicata Squash

A farm favorite. Nice sweet taste and great for baking or stuffing.

Spaghetti Squash

A great substitute for pasta! Just bake or cook and remove from the skin with a fork.

Pie Pumpkins (Neck Pumpkins)

These are a favorite for making pies! A far cry from what you buy in a can... Quicker to prepare than the round...

Red Heirloom Slicing Tomatoes

Varieties like Beefsteak, Red Brandywine. Great for any sandwich and any occasion!

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